Why FileMaker?

We Build It and We Support it

Leveraging Knowledge & Experience

"Happy 25th Anniversary to you!! You are such a professional and extremely knowledgable. Although you are so far away, you seem to know our business needs as if you worked in our office. Congratulations on your continued success!"

We believe in long term relationships and that means you can count on us to provide the support you need in a timely and efficient manner. We provide our clients with a special support database that you can use to log and send us your support requests via email, labeled with priorities and date requirements. This system has worked well to track change requests and resolutions to keep things from slipping through the cracks. Ongoing support and development time is tracked in 15 minute increments and billed out at the end of the month.

FileMaker is an amazing cross-platform, networkable database design engine. It’s ease of use combined with powerful development tools and rapid application development features allow us to make custom database solutions in a fraction of the time – and at a fraction of the cost – it takes to do so in PHP/MySQL, Ruby on Rails, .net, or other languages. 

Having worked in the accounting business and as an accounting consultant, we have an inside track into what businesses look for in management.

Linda Carter started Compu-Books in 1990 and has been developing FileMaker solutions for 28+ years. She is a longtime partner with FileMaker's FSA, FBA, Reseller and TechNet programs. She has also been a DevCon speaker, classroom instructor, and author for FileMaker Advisor magazine.

Her company has developed hundreds of custom databases for many business sectors, along with commercial off-the-shelf solutions & support.

Her accounting experience includes AccountEdge, MoneyWorks, MultiLedger, and QuickBooks partner programs, and she provides add-on solutions for these and other industry standard business applications.

We use FileMaker because it makes the most sense for most projects. FileMaker sells over a million seats per year, from small mom and pop stores to over 80% of the Fortune 500, from medium sized business to workgroups in large universities. There’s a place for FileMaker in virtually every business.

If your database is outdated and in need of a facelift, or you need assistance in finishing up a project you started, we can help as little or as much as you like. Maybe you just want to enhance your system with credit card processing or bar code reading; what ever you need, we are here to help you make it happen.

Help with your Existing Database