Designed for hotels, Inns, B&B’s and camp grounds, Reservations 9.0 makes it easy to keep track of guests, room/site availability, and allows for an unlimited number of rooms/rates. Features include: 

   • Graphical and interactive availability calendar
   • Make individual or group reservations with agent commission tracking
   • Track housekeeping status of rooms and assign housekeep staff
   • Link to your payment processing virtual terminal  
   • Track Guest info, including family/marketing points, with history of each stay
   • Set up unlimited number of rooms/sites with static or seasonal rates
   • Rates can be per person or per night, and flagged for two different tax rates
   • Each room tracks historical stays and maintenance by year
   • Email reservations confirmations and invoices to guests
   • Add service charges or tips based on percentage entered
   • Export guests and invoices to AccountEdge accounting software
   • Customize with your logo and configure color coding for availability calendar
   • Five different security login permission sets, or turn off login passwords
   • User defined lists for tracking referrals, staff, room types & views, etc.
   • Office calendar to track staff shifts/vacations, or other admin related items
Add on these optional features:
   • Online availability calendar for Guests to book from your website 
   • Point of Sale module for day use, gift/camp store or restaurant sales  
   • Post Guest names and invoices to QuickBooks 
   • Customize select reports, Invoice, confirmation and checkin forms

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